Wisdom Teeth Extraction

One of the most common misconceptions about wisdom teeth is that if you don’t feel anything, there is no need to be concerned. This is incorrect, and without you even knowing, your wisdom teeth could become infected and increase the possibility of pain.

Plan ahead by scheduling your dental exams on a dentist-recommended basis to ensure the proactive team at Smileville Dental has you prepared for the possibility of wisdom teeth removal surgery.

There are many options for sedation that will be provided during your wisdom tooth consultation. After reviewing your x-rays, past medical history, allergies and preferences, Smileville Dental will provide the appropriate option for you.

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Benefits of Removing Wisdom Teeth

By scheduling periodic dental exams, you will be on track with if and when you need your wisdom teeth removed. By staying on track, you are giving yourself the benefit of a faster recovery and proper long-term health of surrounding teeth and gums.

Dr. Talwar has years of experience removing wisdom teeth in a multitude of varying positions, both embedded within the gums, or exposed above the gum line. Smileville Dental will ensure a calm and relaxing procedure for you during this surgery. Call our clinic today for a consultation.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure Consultation

You will meet with Dr. Talwar prior to your scheduled surgery to discuss your wisdom teeth, the planned procedure, anesthesia options and aftercare instructions. If a scan is indicated, it will be captured at the same appointment. You will be able to ask questions and learn more about your treatment plan during this appointment.


While patients undergo anesthesia and sleep comfortably during their procedure, Dr. Talwar has been trained and licensed to provide various types of anesthesia. Our facility provides a safe and comfortable environment that utilizes modern monitoring equipment. Once the teeth have been removed, the gum tissues are sutured closed to help stop bleeding. You are then carefully transferred to the recovery room where you will rest under our supervision until you are ready to go home with your designated driver. 


Upon discharge, you will be provided with a home-care package that includes detailed post-surgery instructions, extra gauze, ice packs, prescriptions and your follow-up appointment which is usually in 7-10 days.

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